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Savannah Litigation Lawyers

Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC is a multi-practice law firm based in Savannah, Tennessee. We are licensed to practice in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, and we regularly represent parties from Savannah, Crump, Adamsville, Milledgeville, Saltillo, Olivet, Walnut Grove, Shiloh, and throughout Hardin County. We will work diligently to help you seek a successful outcome in an efficient manner.

We are Tennessee Attorneys Skilled in a Broad Range of Civil and Criminal Matters

Client satisfaction is our top priority. Our firm's mission is to provide effective, aggressive, and compassionate legal services. Our success is based on a solid foundation of honesty and integrity, as well as through a unique combination of strategy, innovation and legal acumen.

Legal issues can arise in many unexpected situations, and their resolution may shape the future of an individual or a business. Regardless of whether you are negotiating a real estate deal, forming a business, fighting criminal charges, or recovering from a serious accident, you should take the time to retain a knowledgeable attorney. At Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC, we understand that many people hesitate to contact a Savannah business lawyer or seek legal support for another type of issue because of the cost of legal fees. We offer consultations free of charge at which we can discuss your case and your available options. Additionally, our legal fees for representation in criminal and family law matters are affordable, and we do not charge any fees for representation in a personal injury case unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

As the great Yogi Berra once said: “if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” From the beginning of your case, we work with you to identify your goals and customize a creative playbook that is cost-effective and most likely to result in your desired outcome. Unfortunately, many firms don’t get the end game; they just get going. This usually results in a predictable litigation strategy that ends up wasting clients’ money and obtaining poor results. That is NOT how we practice law. Our lawyers craft a personalized game plan that works backward from your goals, not just forward from your current legal situation. We also have a vision aimed at early resolution. We will always work to resolve disputes early and amicably where it is in our client’s best interest; because we know you’d rather focus on your business or everyday life than on lawyers and legal battles.

Real Estate

Whether it is necessary for a party engaged in a residential or commercial real estate transaction to be represented by an attorney depends on the statutory requirements set forth by the state. Regardless of whether it is required, if you are considering purchasing or selling real estate, it is advisable to have legal representation to protect your interests. A knowledgeable real estate attorney can assess the contract to determine whether the terms are equitable and whether any critical terms are missing. Furthermore, your attorney can analyze the chain of title to determine whether there are any potential problems and prevent issues from arising in the future. We regularly handle real estate closings in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi and are ready to assist you with your needs. Our litigation lawyers also can advocate for you in any disputes related to your property.

Business and Corporate Law

The process of developing and managing a corporation or another type of business is complex and multi-faceted, and it is essential to properly consider the implications of each decision made throughout the process. A knowledgeable attorney can offer guidance regarding your options throughout the life cycle of your business and can help you plan and execute documents that aid you in protecting your business’ assets while minimizing liability and tax consequences. For example, if you are forming a business, an attorney can advise you on the benefits and detriments of each corporate form to help you select the most appropriate entity for your company. Additionally, a Savannah business attorney can determine whether any agreements are necessary for the protection of your business, such as non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a term that encompasses a variety of legal matters, such as as business disputes, conflicts arising out of construction, and personal injury claims. Our litigation attorneys can help you pursue claims such as breach of contract, negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty. The statutory requirements for pursuing each type of claim vary based on the nature of the claim and the applicable jurisdiction. For example, while personal injury claims must be filed within three years of the date of the accident in Mississippi and Arkansas, they must be filed within one year in Tennessee. Thus, in any civil claim, it is essential to retain an attorney who is well versed in the procedural and statutory requirements for pursuing the claim, since a failure to meet the requirements can result in a waiver of the right to seek compensation. At Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC, our experienced attorneys are licensed in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, and we are adept at pursuing compensation in civil matters in state and federal courts.

Criminal Defense

Simply because you are charged with a crime does not mean that the prosecution will be able to prove your guilt. Instead, the State must prove each element of the crime with which you are charged beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal defense attorney in the Savannah area may be able to devise a strategy to help you avoid a conviction. For example, if the evidence that the State intends to introduce against you was obtained through an illegal search, it may be suppressed. For another example, in cases involving assault charges, the defendant may be able to argue that the alleged criminal acts were committed in self-defense.

Personal Injury

The majority of accidents are caused by a person's negligent acts or failure to act. If you were injured due to someone else's negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your harm. Under Tennessee law, to recover damages for harm caused by a person's negligence, you must prove that he or she owed you a duty to exercise reasonable care, which he or she breached, and that the breach caused the accident in which you were subsequently injured. The same standard of negligence has been adopted by Arkansas and Mississippi. If you were injured in an accident due to another person's careless acts, you should contact a seasoned litigation lawyer in the Savannah area to discuss your options for pursuing damages.

Estate Planning

Many people have well-developed financial plans for their careers but neglect to plan for the distribution of their property in the event of their demise. If a person dies without a will, his or her property will be distributed in accordance with intestate laws. Thus, it is prudent for anyone with assets or property to engage a trusted estate planning attorney to develop a plan for the distribution of his or her assets. Wills and trusts not only allow you to protect your property and determine how it will be divided after you are gone, but also they can assist your heirs and beneficiaries in avoiding unnecessary tax burdens. In addition to wills and trusts, it may be appropriate in some cases for a person to draft a living will or durable power of attorney to avoid disputes over the person's health care or property management in his or her later years.

Construction Law

Construction projects are complicated and typically involve several parties and multiple contracts. Our litigation attorneys guide clients in Savannah and the surrounding areas through disputes that arise from construction projects. Many construction lawsuits involve breach of contract claims. The parties may disagree as to the meaning of certain terms under the contract, the rights or obligations imposed by the contract, or whether a party is liable for unforeseen costs and delay damages. To succeed in a breach of contract claim, the party pursuing damages must prove the existence of an enforceable contract, a failure to perform obligations imposed under the contract, and calculable damages caused by the breach. Construction lawsuits often require extensive discovery and expert consultants, and they should be handled by an attorney who is experienced in navigating their intricacies.

Family Law

Our attorneys also guide spouses through the sensitive process of dissolving a marriage. We can represent you in divorce and child custody matters, combining compassion with vigorous advocacy. One of the most common issues in a divorce involves dividing the marital property of the spouses. Tennessee requires marital property to be divided equitably, which does not always amount to an even split. The court will review certain factors listed in the Tennessee Code to determine an equitable distribution. Our family law attorneys also can assist parents with developing child custody arrangements for their children. Custody involves the right of a parent to live with the child for certain periods of time, as well as the right to make important decisions affecting the child’s upbringing. While parents often feel strongly about these matters, the best interests of the child are the paramount concern.

Consult a Tennessee Attorney to Discuss Your Legal Needs

If you are faced with a legal issue, it is critical to retain an experienced attorney who will work tirelessly to help you seek your desired outcome. The assertive attorneys at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC are proficient in navigating the complexities of the civil and criminal court systems in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. We represent people and entities that need assistance from a Savannah business lawyer or representation in another type of civil or criminal matter. Our firm can be reached at (731) 438-8071 or through the online form.

Our Team
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Ryan Hagenbrok

Ryan Hagenbrok grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. As a child, Ryan successfully argued his way out of trouble so many times, his father...

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Katie Hagenbrok

Katie Hagenbrok grew up in Savannah, Tennessee and is a Hardin County High School alumnus. While in law school, Katie earned the...

Client Reviews
"We have used Ryan for about a year now and we've had great experiences. He's very attentive and takes all the time we need to answer questions and resolve issues. He goes out of his way to help us and get the best results possible. Not to mention he's honest and up front and that goes a long way in my opinion. I recommend him to EVERYONE" M.S.
"I want to let everyone know that I hired Mr. Hagenbrok and he is a awesome lawyer, he's fantastic and confident on what he does and his personality is down to earth and very nice. He has taken time to always call me back and if I was looking for answers he was there to give me what I was needing to know . I couldn't had a better lawyer than what I have and would hire him again if need be. His whole Staff is very nice as well and always calls back on a timely matter. He drove two hours to handle our business and I appreciate that and everything he has done for my family and I. I recommend him to anyone that needs a outstanding lawyer . Thank you again and may God bless you and you're family." R.H.
"Extremely professional, easy to talk to, and well versed on my situation. Pleasant, personable and highly recommended." A.L.
Areas We Serve
Areas We Serve

Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC is a regional firm that represents clients throughout the States of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas in both State and Federal Court. We represent clients in these jurisdictions at trial court and in appeals before the State and Federal Courts of Appeals. Please give us a call to see how we can help you!

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