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Some of Our Successes Disclaimer

Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results. The amounts stated on the website are before deductions for fees and costs of attorneys and third parties such as medical providers. The following is a partial list of the verdicts and settlements in some of the cases that we have handled.

At the law offices of Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC, we have a proud history of helping individuals and businesses fight for their rights. We offer 100% FREE case reviews and only receive a fee on personal injury or contingency fee cases if we obtain a verdict or settlement in your case.

Verdicts & Settlements

Since the opening of Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC, we have obtained millions of dollars by way of settlement or verdict for hundreds of clients. Below is a sampling of some of the results we have achieved:

  • Confidential Seven Figure Settlement in Excess of $ 2,000,000. Our office represented a client in a breach of contract case related to construction. Going into mediation, the other party expected to be paid. Walking out of mediation, our client received over $2,000,000 dollars.
  • $ 1,000,000 tax free, non-modifiable alimony awarded to Wife in contested divorce. Our office represented the Wife in a divorce proceeding against a Husband who refused to admit to his history of infidelity. After much discussion and negotiation, our client received an alimony award of $1,000,000 which was designated as tax-free income to her. During the negotiations, the attorneys at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC fought vigorously for this award to be considered non-dischargeable in bankruptcy and that it not be modifiable in the future if Father later sought to change it. Thankfully, the award was considered non-modifiable because just one week later the Husband lost his job. Since Wife skillfully included this provision in her settlement documents, Husband continued to pay Wife the alimony he agreed to even during his period of unemployment.
  • $ 300,000 vehicle accident settlement. We represented a driver with soft-tissue injuries from a hit-and-run collision in Memphis, Tennessee. After treatment, our client’s medical bills totaled $41,713. Our client received the full amount of policy limits from the insurance policy in the amount of $300,000.
  • $ 200,000 alimony awarded to Wife in contested divorce. We represented the Wife in a divorce proceeding in Desoto County, Mississippi. Our client received over $200,000 in alimony after lengthy settlement negotiations.
  • $ 160,477 judgment for back child support. We successfully pursued this case and defended this verdict in Federal Court and at the Tennessee Court of Appeals. In this case, our office represented a single mother who raised a fifteen (15) year old child her entire life. The father of the child, although knowing of his status as father, refused to pay any child support until the legal proceeding was commenced. After several days of trial, the Hardin County Juvenile Court rendered a judgment against Father in the amount of $160,477. Father then appealed to the Tennessee Court of Appeals, where we prevailed for our client. The Father attempted to file a collateral civil proceeding for paternity fraud against Mother, which we removed to Federal Court and successfully defended in the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee.
  • $ 148,000 for claim against Estate. When our office was approached with this case, it was clear that the time period to file a claim for money against the estate in question had expired. Ordinarily that would be fatal to a claim against an estate and it would operate to bar our client from any recovery at all. However, after careful review by the attorneys of Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC, we discovered an exception to this requirement and were able to recover our client's full claim in the amount of $148,000, in addition to attorney’s fees.
  • $ 130,708 non-dischargeable judgment. When an individual did not honor his commitment to a promissory note, our office filed a lawsuit to recover the amounts owed. Although judgments of this nature would ordinarily be dischargeable in bankruptcy, the skilled attorneys at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC negotiated a non-dischargeable provision in the judgment, thus locking-in our client’s right to recover for this debt.
  • $ 100,000 vehicle accident settlement. When our client was injured in a motorcycle accident and suffered a broken thumb, he was also charged with driving under the influence and left with little options. After retaining our firm, we were able to reach a vehicle accident settlement for the policy limits of $100,000.
  • $ 100,000 vehicle accident settlement. Our office represented a gentleman who was involved in a vehicle accident and suffered soft tissue injuries from a multi-vehicle trucking collision. The case successfully settled for $100,000.
  • $ 45,000 collective settlement for parents and two children. When a local hotel failed to properly upkeep and maintain their fire and carbon monoxide detectors, the parents and two children who stayed there were diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. After $26,205 in medical bills and being discharged the next day with a clean bill of health, our clients received a combined settlement of $45,000.
  • $ 30,000 vehicle accident settlement. Our client was a passenger who was injured in a single car collision and suffered soft tissue injuries and incurred medical bills of $10,894. After filing a lawsuit, her case was settled for a total of $30,000.
  • $ 23,000 vehicle accident settlement. Our client was injured while sitting in his vehicle, waiting to turn from his driveway, when another vehicle came around a corner and struck his vehicle. After our office filed a lawsuit, his case was settled at mediation for $23,000.
  • $ 20,000 vehicle accident settlement. Our client was injured in a rear-end collision that resulted in him receiving injuries to his lower back. His case was settled after lengthy negotiations for $20,000.

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Civil Defense Successes

In addition to the many successful stories we have recovering funds for our clients, the lawyers at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC also represent clients in defense of certain civil matters. Below are the success stories of our cases where we have represented clients in defense of civil legal proceedings:

  • Successful Defense of Debt Collection. Our office represented an individual who was sued in the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee in the amount of $329,000.00. Although it was undisputed that the debt was owed, the lawyers at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC were able to successfully navigate strong defenses for our client. After an all-day mediation, the Plaintiff agreed to dismiss the case against our client for the sum of $20,000, of which only $5,000 was paid out-of-pocket.
  • GRANTED Motion to Dismiss in Child Custody and Enrollment Case. In an exceptionally complicated child custody and enforcement case, our client, the Father, was successfully defended by us in an action to have a child custody and modification proceeding brought in the State of Tennessee. In this case, the Father, who had historical and physical custody of the parties’ minor child, allowed the child to visit with his Mother in Tennessee for summer vacation and with the understanding that the child would be returned to him before the school semester started in the fall. After Mother refused to return the child, she then filed a child custody and support enrollment and modification action in Hardin County, Tennessee. After lengthy discovery and several hearings and motions, our client successfully had his Motion to Dismiss granted and dismissed the proceeding when the Court found that Mother unjustifiably withheld the child from returning to Father and that Tennessee was an inconvenient forum. The Court found that it lacked jurisdiction under Tennessee’s Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and left any future proceedings to be decided by the courts of my client’s home state in Indiana.
  • Successful Debt Reduction. We were contacted by an injured party who unfortunately was at fault from a single vehicle motorcycle accident and had mounting debt. The total hospital charge was $115,020.62 and their health insurance only paid $23,646.13. This left the hospital threatening a debt collection action for the difference of $91,374.49. Since debt negotiation is a regular part of our practice at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC, our skilled attorneys were able to take the case, negotiate with the hospital, and ultimately received a complete discharge of the balance. After our firm negotiated this debt, our client paid nothing to resolve this dispute and saved a grand total of $91,374.49.
  • GRANTED Motion to Dismiss in Defamation Case. When our client was sued for leaving negative reviews following an unpleasant transaction with the Plaintiffs for two ATVs, he needed an attorney who could defend his case and protect his freedom of speech. After several hearings and filings, the lawyers of Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC successfully defended our client’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech. The matter was completely dismissed under Rule 12 of the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • GRANTED Motion for Summary Judgment in Automobile Case. After an unfortunate vehicle accident involving a delivery driver of a local pizza franchise, the injured party wrongfully sought recovery against the owner of the Limited Liability Company which owned and operated this business. After length discovery, deposition, and other litigation, the lawyers of Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC successfully had our client dismissed from the lawsuit when the Court granted our Motion for Summary Judgment.
  • Successful Defense of Homeowner against Unreasonable Homeowners Association. When a homeowner association attempted to prevent a local resident from conducting business out of her home, the HOA threatened to sue. Fortunately, the lawyers of Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC were able to successfully defend her in this proceeding and now there is a special exception in the homeowner rules just for her. Now she can continue her successful business in the comfort of her own home.

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Criminal Defense Successes

Our office also helps individuals who have been charged with a crime. In addition to the civil claims referenced above, we have also successfully defended clients against serious felony and misdemeanor charges. A sampling of our criminal defense successes is below:

  • DISMISSED Charge of Simple Possession. When a young, military-bound man was charged with simple possession, his immediate and long-term future was jeopardized. Thanks to the skilled advocacy of the lawyers at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC, we were able to achieve a dismissal and expungement of the charge. He now serves in the United States Marines. We are thankful for his service and feel privileged to have helped him keep his commitment to the United States military.
  • DISMISSED Charge of False Imprisonment. Our client was wrongfully charged with false imprisonment for driving children to their caregiver. Thankfully, after much negotiation, the State of Tennessee agreed to an unqualified dismissal of the charges, with all costs taxed to the State.
  • DISMISSED Felony Charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance. When our client was pulled over on Interstate-40 for erratic driving, he unfortunately confessed to the possession of a controlled substance and other paraphernalia. He was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. The lawyers at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC were able to successfully enroll him in Tennessee’s diversion program, which resulted in a dismissal and expungement of all charges.
  • DISMISSED Felony Charge of Forgery and Misdemeanor Charge of Underage Drinking. Our client was charged with forgery and underage drinking when he was discovered drinking alcohol at a Pickwick establishment while in possession of a fake ID. The lawyers at Hagenbrok & Hagenbrok PLLC were able to successfully enroll him in Tennessee’s diversion program, which resulted in a dismissal and expungement of all charges.

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Client Reviews
"We have used Ryan for about a year now and we've had great experiences. He's very attentive and takes all the time we need to answer questions and resolve issues. He goes out of his way to help us and get the best results possible. Not to mention he's honest and up front and that goes a long way in my opinion. I recommend him to EVERYONE" M.S.
"I want to let everyone know that I hired Mr. Hagenbrok and he is a awesome lawyer, he's fantastic and confident on what he does and his personality is down to earth and very nice. He has taken time to always call me back and if I was looking for answers he was there to give me what I was needing to know . I couldn't had a better lawyer than what I have and would hire him again if need be. His whole Staff is very nice as well and always calls back on a timely matter. He drove two hours to handle our business and I appreciate that and everything he has done for my family and I. I recommend him to anyone that needs a outstanding lawyer . Thank you again and may God bless you and you're family." R.H.
"Extremely professional, easy to talk to, and well versed on my situation. Pleasant, personable and highly recommended." A.L.